NodeReal API Overview

This page will help you get started with NodeReal API.

Public API Key

As a high-speed blockchain infrastructure solution, NodeReal strives to provide an instant and easy-access service to every developer. You can easily create a NodeReal account with this guide. However, we understand you may be sharing your repository with the public, which is not proper to expose your own API key, or you just found the API endpoint in some projects and would like to try it out. We hear you. That’s why we created this public and shareable API key for you to get started with NodeReal.


Public APIs have lower CUPS and it may also have some constraints. If you need full NodeReal access, please start with this guide.

API endpoints

Format Type #1:

For the APIs developed by NodeReal



Chain Full NameChainNetwork
BNB Smart Chainbscmainnet;
ETH Beacon Chaineth2-beaconmainnet;

Format Type #2:

For the APIs co-developed with NodeReal or developed by the community members

Endpoint(for PancakeSwap GraphQL):{apikey}/projects/pancakeswap

Endpoint(for Arbitrum Nova RPC):{apikey}/arbitrum/

Endpoint(for Covalent API):{{apiKey}}/covalenthq/{{API_path}}/

Endpoint(for Avalanche C-Chain API):{{apiKey}}/avalanche-c/{{API_path}}

Endpoint(for Solana RPC):{{apiKey}}/solana/

Endpoint(for Arbitrum Nitro RPC):{apikey}/arbitrum-nitro/

Endpoint(for NEAR RPC):{apikey}/near/

Endpoint(for Fantom RPC):{apikey}/fantom/

Endpoint(for Klaytn RPC):{apikey}/klaytn/

Rate Limit

We enabled rate limit for these public API keys with 2000CU per minute for each IP address. That means, if one IP address sent requests to MegaNode with more than 2000CU in one minute, the further request will be blocked and receive -32005 error code as below.

    "jsonrpc": "2.0",
    "id": 1,
    "error": {
        "code": -32005,
        "message": "You have reached the maximum API usage limit. If you need higher throughput, please check out"

If you see above message and code, you will need to retry in the next minute.