Getting Started

Feeling lost? NodeReal is here to help.

MegaNode is a simple, easy-to-access service. We strive to provide the best infrastructure on EVM blockchains to our customers. You can follow the below steps to build your dApps with MegaNode.

Sign Up/Sign In

MegaNode enabled GitHub OAuth login to our users. Before signing up MegaNode service, you will need a GitHub or Discord account first.

GitHub sign-up:

Discord sign-up:

MegaNode sign-up/sign-in:


Click on "Login with Github or Discord" to sign up for MegaNode


Github login


Log into your GitHub account. If you already logged in, you may not see this on the screen


Discord login


Log into your Discord account. If you already logged in, you may not see the following screen


"Authorize" the login creditance on Discord


Congratulations! You have successfully signed up for MegaNode service

Create Your First API Key


Upgrade from "APP" to "API Key"

With only one API Key, you could request all the chains and networks we support on NodeReal.

Before you start sending RPC requests on MegaNode, you will need to create an API Key first. API Key in MegaNode is a project-based unit used to manage your API requests. You need to input a name for your API Key and leave any notes you prefer for future reference.


Input an API Key name and leave any notes you prefer

After you have created an API Key, you can find a dashboard on the main screen.


Dashboard for overall statistics


The number of available API Keys is subjected to the pricing plan.

Find Your API Key

After you have successfully created an API Key, you can find the API endpoints on the API Key detail page. Please note that this API key is used to identify a particular user and should NOT be shared with anyone.


Make Your First RPC Request

After you find the API Key, you can now start to send RPC requests on MegaNode. Please note that all usage will be calculated on an account basis.

You can find our API docs here.


NodeReal Privacy Policy

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