This API method helps you to get the meta of an ERC1155/ERC721 token of an address.


Supported on BSC and ETH mainnet only.


NFT metadata is being updated asynchronously, if the metadata is not present by the time the API is called, we will try to retrieve it via the URI.
As the token's URI is pointing to an external server, the roundtrip latency could vary and is likely to timeout and you will get empty metadata.
But the URI calling thread will keep running in the background and update the metadata if it gets a valid response.
So it's recommended to call this API more than once if you see a valid URI but empty metadata in the response.


  • Contract Address - The address of the NFT contract
  • Token Id - The tokenId in hex format
  • Token Type : Please specify the type of token you query for, e.g. "ERC721", "ERC1155", etc.


  • token_address - The address of the token
  • token_id - The id of the token
  • meta_url - The url of the meta, example: https://
  • meta - The content of the meta

API Endpoint

The format of a MegaNode API endpoint is https://{chain}-{network}{API-key}
Here is an example:

For other chains or networks, you could refer to this guidance Find API key & endpoint.



curl \
-H "Content-Type: application/json" \
-d '{"jsonrpc":"2.0","method":"nr_getNFTMeta","params":["0xEA5613EBBBE1E69BF5F05252C215462254F41565","0x7C7","ERC721"],"id": 1 }'


		"meta":"{\"name\":\"Standard Green Pepe\",\"description\":\"Standard Green Pepe with Earth\\n\\nNothing is beyond our reach\",\"category\":\"memes\",\"collection_address\":\"0xea5613ebBBE1E69Bf5F05252C215462254F41565\",\"creator\":\"0x3988c52ac9a2f9b2e591e14e173161cec6ce98ff\",\"ifps_image\":\"Qme8HFmv5aM2J1nGwxgQqU1Yt2H7e7zVHbadQxqb4Aqynq\",\"attributes\":[]}",