Returns details about the particular chunk. A block detail query can be used to obtain a valid chunk hash.


Supported on NEAR (mainnet) only.


  • chunk_id- string - The hash of the chunk id
  • block_id- int - The block id, it could be either block number or block hash
  • shard_id- int - The shard id

Note: Either chunk_id or block_id to be used along with shard_id as parameters.


  • author- The author name
  • header- The header of the chunk
    • balance_burnt- The number of tokens burnt
    • chunk_hash- The hash of the chunk
    • encoded_length- The chunk length encoded in integer format
    • encoded_merkle_root- The encoded merkle root
    • gas_limit- The maximum gas allowed in this block
    • gas_used- The total used gas by all transactions in this block
    • height_created- The chunk height created
    • height_included- The included height of the chunk
    • outcome_root- The root of the outcome trie of the block
    • outgoing_receipts_root- The root of the outgoing receipts of the block
    • prev_block_hash- The hash of the previous block chunk corresponding to the current one
    • prev_state_root- The previous state of the root of corresponding block
    • rent_paid- The number of tokens paid as rent
    • shard_id- The id of the multiple data grouped together
    • signature- The standard ed25519 signature type
    • tx_root- The transaction root
    • validator_proposals- An array of proposals provided by the validators
    • validator_reward- The reward sent to the validators
  • transactions- An array of multiple transactions
    • actions- An action built from near-api-js.transactions
    • hash- The hash of the transaction
    • nonce- The number of transactions made by the sender prior to this one encoded as hexadecimal
    • public_key- The public key of the signer
    • receiver_id- The account id of the transaction receiver
    • signature- Standard ed25519 signature type
    • signer_id- The account id of the transaction originator
  • receipts- An array of receipts

API Endpoint

The format of a Near API endpoint is{{apiKey}}/near/

Here is an example:



curl{{apiKey}}/near/ \
--request POST \
--header "Content-Type: application/json" \
--data '{"method": "chunk","params": {"block_id": 80712125, "shard_id": 0},"id":1,"jsonrpc":"2.0"}'