Returns a recipt object given a transaction hash.


Supported on Arbitrum Nova only.


  • hash - The hash of a transaction.


  • object - A transaction receipt object, or null when no receipt was found:
    • transactionHash - Hash of the transaction.
    • transactionIndex - Integer of the transactions index position in the block encoded as a hexadecimal.
    • from - Address of the sender.
    • to - Address of the receiver. null when its a contract creation transaction.
    • blockHash - Hash of the block where this transaction was in.
    • blockNumber - Block number where this transaction was added encoded as a hexadecimal.
    • cumulativeGasUsed - The total gas used when this transaction was executed in the block.
    • gasUsed - The amount of gas used by this specific transaction alone.
    • contractAddress - The contract address created for contract creation, otherwise null.
    • logs - Array of log objects, which this transaction generated.
    • logsBloom - Bloom filter for light clients to quickly retrieve related logs.
    • value - Value transferred in Wei encoded as a hexadecimal.
    • v - ECDSA recovery id encoded as a hexadecimal.
    • r - ECDSA signature r
    • s - ECDSA signature s
      It also returns either :
    • root - 32 bytes of post-transaction stateroot (pre Byzantium).
    • status - Either 1 (success) or 0 (failure) encoded as a hexadecimal.

API Endpoint

The format of an Arbitrum Nova API endpoint is{{apiKey}}/arbitrum/

Here is an example:



curl{{apiKey}}/arbitrum/ \
  -X POST \
  -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
  --data '{"method":"eth_getTransactionReceipt","params":["0x04b713fdbbf14d4712df5ccc7bb3dfb102ac28b99872506a363c0dcc0ce4343c"],"id":1,"jsonrpc":"2.0"}'