Replays all transactions that were included in this block by block number.


Supported on Avalanche C-Chain (mainnet) only.


  • blockHash[REQUIRED] - The block hash
  • tracer[REQUIRED] - The tracer type. Please refer to Geth implementation for more tracer type.


This returns based on callTracer. Please refer to Geth implementation for more return data fields.

  • Object- Full trace of the block.
    • result- Trace Object, which has the following fields:
      • from- The address the transaction is sent from
      • to- The address the transaction is directed to
      • gas- The gas provided for the transaction execution
      • gasUsed- The gasPrice used for each paid gas
      • input- The data sent along with the transaction
      • output- The output data
      • type- Type of the transaction
      • value- The value transferred in Wei, encoded as a hexadecimal

API Endpoint

The format of an Avalanche C-Chain API endpoint is{{apiKey}}/avalanche-c/ext/bc/C/rpc - for RPC API{{apiKey}}/avalanche-c/ext/bc/C/avax - for AVAX API

Here is an example:



curl{{apiKey}}/avalanche-c/ext/bc/C/rpc \
-H "Content-Type: application/json" \
-d '{"jsonrpc":"2.0","method":"debug_traceBlockByNumber","params":["0x1233174", {"tracer": "callTracer"}],"id": 0 }'