Market Cap Ranking

This endpoint returns NFT market cap ranking statistics.

API Endpoint{apiKey}/nftscan




ParametersDescriptionsQuery TypeRequiredData Typeschema
chain_nameName of the chain you’re querying. List of supported values: "eth" for Ethereum; "bnb" for BNB Smart Chain; "polygon" for Polygon; "moonbeam" for Moonbeam; "arbitrum" for Arbitrum One; "optimism" for Optimism; "platon" for PlatON; "avalanche" for Avalanche; "cronos" for Cronos; "fantom" for Fantom; "gnosis" for Gnosis;pathtruestring


ParametersDescriptionsData Typeschema
codeResponse status code (200 means the request was successful, 4XX or 5XX means the request failed)integer(int32)integer(int32)
dataResponse dataarrayNftTop500ByMarketCapModel
  average_market_priceThe average market pricenumber(bigdecimal)
  contract_addressThe contract addressstring
  contract_nameThe contract namestring
  items_totalThe total count of NFT itemsinteger(int64)
  logo_urlThe logo URLstring
  market_capThe market capnumber(bigdecimal)
msgError message when request failsstring


	"code": 200,
	"data": [
			"average_market_price": 100,
			"contract_address": "0x307135a29962f0b338c0103e06e8e7d03bd7267f",
			"contract_name": "Doodles",
			"items_total": 10000,
			"logo_url": "",
			"market_cap": 1000000
	"msg": ""