Get single NFT

This endpoint returns a single NFT.

API Endpoint{apiKey}/nftscan




ParametersDescriptionsQuery TypeRequiredData Typeschema
contract_addressThe NFT contract address for the assets, defaultValue{0xbc4ca0eda7647a8ab7c2061c2e118a18a936f13d}pathtruestring
token_idThe NFT token ID. Can be in Hex or in Number, defaultValue{1}pathtruestring
chain_nameName of the chain you’re querying. List of supported values: "eth" for Ethereum; "bnb" for BNB Smart Chain; "polygon" for Polygon; "moonbeam" for Moonbeam; "arbitrum" for Arbitrum One; "optimism" for Optimism; "platon" for PlatON; "avalanche" for Avalanche; "cronos" for Cronos; "fantom" for Fantom; "gnosis" for Gnosis;pathtrue
show_attributeWhether to obtain attributes for the assets, option{true,false}queryfalseboolean


ParametersDescriptionsData Typeschema
codeResponse status code (200 means the request was successful, 4XX or 5XX means the request failed)integer(int32)integer(int32)
dataResponse dataAssetModelAssetModel
  amountThe amount of the NFTstring
  attributesList of attributesarrayAssetAttributeValueModel
    attribute_nameThe attribute namestring
    attribute_valueThe value for the attribute namestring
    percentageHow many items have this attribute valuestring
  content_typeThe content typestring
  content_uriThe content URI to displaystring
  contract_addressThe contract addressstring
  contract_nameThe name of the contractstring
  contract_token_idThe token ID of the NFT in Hexstring
  descriptionThe description to displaystring
  erc_typeThe erc type of the NFTstring
  external_linkExternal link to the original websitestring
  image_uriThe image URI to displaystring
  latest_trade_priceThe latest trade price for the itemnumber(double)
  latest_trade_symbolThe latest trade symbol for the itemstring
  latest_trade_timestampThe latest trade timestamp in milliseconds for the iteminteger(int64)
  latest_trade_tokenThe latest trade token for the itemstring
  metadata_jsonThe metadata in JSON formatstring
  mint_priceThe price when the item was minted (null if the item is an ERC-1155 NFT)number(double)
  mint_timestampThe timestamp in milliseconds when the item was mintedinteger(int64)
  mint_transaction_hashThe transaction hash when the item was mintedstring
  minterThe user address who minted the itemstring
  nameThe namestring
  nftscan_idThe unique ID generated for the item by NFTScanstring
  nftscan_uriThe image URI stored by NFTScan (null if not stored by NFTScan)string
  own_timestampThe timestamp in milliseconds when the item was owned (null if the item is an ERC-1155 NFT)integer(int64)
  ownerThe user address who owns the item now (null if the item is an ERC-1155 NFT)string
  rarity_rankThe rarity rank for the iteminteger(int32)
  rarity_scoreThe rarity score for the itemnumber(double)
  small_nftscan_uriThe small image URI stored by NFTScan (null if not stored by NFTScan)string
  token_idThe token ID of the NFT in Numberstring
  token_uriThe token URIstring
msgError message when request failsstring


    "code": 200,
    "data": {
        "amount": "1",
        "attributes": [
                "attribute_name": "Background",
                "attribute_value": "Yellow",
                "percentage": "16.49%"
        "content_type": "image/png",
        "content_uri": "QmPbxeGcXhYQQNgsC6a36dDyYUcHgMLnGKnF8pVFmGsvqi",
        "contract_address": "0xbc4ca0eda7647a8ab7c2061c2e118a18a936f13d",
        "contract_name": "BoredApeYachtClub",
        "contract_token_id": "0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001",
        "description": "",
        "erc_type": "erc721",
        "external_link": "",
        "image_uri": "QmPbxeGcXhYQQNgsC6a36dDyYUcHgMLnGKnF8pVFmGsvqi",
        "latest_trade_price": 38.77,
        "latest_trade_symbol": "WETH",
        "latest_trade_timestamp": 1652567645000,
        "latest_trade_token": "0xc02aaa39b223fe8d0a0e5c4f27ead9083c756cc2",
        "metadata_json": "{\"image\":\"ipfs://QmPbxeGcXhYQQNgsC6a36dDyYUcHgMLnGKnF8pVFmGsvqi\",\"attributes\":[{\"trait_type\":\"Mouth\",\"value\":\"Grin\"},{\"trait_type\":\"Clothes\",\"value\":\"Vietnam Jacket\"},{\"trait_type\":\"Background\",\"value\":\"Orange\"},{\"trait_type\":\"Eyes\",\"value\":\"Blue Beams\"},{\"trait_type\":\"Fur\",\"value\":\"Robot\"}]}",
        "mint_price": 0.7,
        "mint_timestamp": 1619133220000,
        "mint_transaction_hash": "0xcfb197f62ec5c7f0e71a11ec0c4a0e394a3aa41db5386e85526f86c84b3f2796",
        "minter": "0xaba7161a7fb69c88e16ed9f455ce62b791ee4d03",
        "name": "#1",
        "nftscan_id": "NSB313FC3396961075",
        "nftscan_uri": "",
        "own_timestamp": 1619817106000,
        "owner": "0xaba7161a7fb69c88e16ed9f455ce62b791ee4d03",
        "rarity_rank": 2668,
        "rarity_score": 1.06,
        "small_nftscan_uri": "",
        "token_id": "1",
        "token_uri": ""
    "msg": ""