Returns information about a single access key for a given account.


Supported on NEAR (mainnet) only.


  • request_type- string - The type of request i.e view_access_key_list
  • finality- string - The assurance that the transaction cannot be altered, reversed, or canceled after they are completed. For finality=final, it means that it has been validated on at least 66% of the nodes in the network and for finality=optimistic, it uses the latest block recorded on the node that responded to the query passed
  • block_id- int/string - The block id, it could be either block number or block hash
  • account_id- string - The id of the account associcated with the transaction
  • public_key- int/string - The public key of the signer

Note: You can only use one parameter, either finality or block_id. The block_id param can take either the block number or the block hash as an argument.


  • nonce- The number of transactions made by the sender prior to this one encoded as hexadecimal
  • permission- The type of permission i.e FunctionCall. If permission of the key is FunctionCall, it will return additional information such as the allowance, receiver_id, and method_names.
    • FunctionCall- An action to be performed on the receiver_id.
      • allowance- The amount allowed to spend on gas
      • receiver_id- The account id of the transaction receiver
      • method_names- The method names corresponding to the actions
  • block_height- The height of the block this transaction was associated with
  • block_hash- The hash of the block this transaction was associated with

API Endpoint

The format of a Near API endpoint is

Here is an example:



curl https://open-platform.nodereal.io/{{apiKey}}/near/ \
--request POST \
--header "Content-Type: application/json" \
--data '{"method": "query","params": {"request_type": "view_access_key", "finality": "final", "account_id": "relay.aurora", "public_key": "ed25519:168vdqFUxij2yvsxYgAGoykJMX7tgrPKVCH484A8nHP"},"id":1,"jsonrpc":"2.0"}'