Get NFT collections by ranking

This endpoint returns information for a list of collections with the given ranking field. The collections are sorted by the given ranking field with the given sort direction.

API Endpoint{apiKey}/nftscan




ParametersDescriptionsQuery TypeRequiredData Typeschema
chain_nameName of the chain you’re querying. List of supported values: "eth" for Ethereum; "bnb" for BNB Smart Chain; "polygon" for Polygon; "moonbeam" for Moonbeam; "arbitrum" for Arbitrum One; "optimism" for Optimism; "platon" for PlatON; "avalanche" for Avalanche; "cronos" for Cronos; "fantom" for Fantom; "gnosis" for Gnosis;pathtruestring
limitResult size. Defaults to 100, capped at 500queryfalseinteger(int32)


ParametersDescriptionsData Typeschema
codeResponse status code (200 means the request was successful, 4XX or 5XX means the request failed)integer(int32)integer(int32)
dataResponse dataarrayRankCollectionModel
  amounts_totalHow many amount for the collectionnumber(biginteger)
  attributesThe attributes distribution of the collectionarrayAttributes Model
    attributes_nameThe name of the attributestring
    attributes_valuesThe values for the attributearrayAttributesValueVO
      attributes_valueThe value for the attribute namestring
      totalHow many items have this attribute valueinteger
    totalHow many kind of value for the attribute nameinteger
  average_priceThe average pricenumber(bigdecimal)
  banner_urlThe banner URLstring
  collections_with_same_nameThe contract address of collections with the same namearraystring
  contract_addressThe contract addressstring
  deploy_block_numberThe block number when the contract was deployedinteger(int32)
  descriptionThe descriptionstring
  discordThe discordstring
  emailThe emailstring
  erc_typeThe erc type of the collectionstring
  featured_urlThe featured URLstring
  floor_priceThe floor price of the collectionnumber(double)
  githubThe githubstring
  instagramThe instagramstring
  items_totalHow many items for the collectioninteger(int64)
  large_image_urlThe large image URLstring
  logo_urlThe logo URLstring
  mediumThe mediumstring
  nameThe namestring
  opensea_floor_priceThe floor price of the collection on openseanumber(double)
  opensea_verifiedWhether the collection is verified on OpenSeaboolean
  ownerThe user address who owns the contractstring
  owners_totalHow many owners for the collectioninteger(int64)
  price_symbolThe floor price symbol of the collectionstring
  royaltyThe royalty for the owner in basis pointinteger(int32)
  sales_totalThe total salesinteger(int64)
  symbolThe symbolstring
  telegramThe telegramstring
  twitterThe twitterstring
  verifiedWhether the collection is verified on NFTScanboolean
  volume_totalThe total volumenumber(bigdecimal)
  websiteThe websitestring
msgError message when request failsstring


    "code": 200,
    "data": [
            "amounts_total": 15000,
            "attributes": [
                    "attributes_name": "Mouth",
                    "attributes_values": [
                            "attributes_value": "Grin",
                            "total": 700
                    "total": 5
            "average_price": 37.94,
            "banner_url": "",
            "collections_with_same_name": [],
            "contract_address": "0xbc4ca0eda7647a8ab7c2061c2e118a18a936f13d",
            "deploy_block_number": 12292922,
            "description": "The Bored Ape Yacht Club is a collection of 10,000 unique Bored Ape NFTs— unique digital collectibles living on the Ethereum blockchain. Your Bored Ape doubles as your Yacht Club membership card, and grants access to members-only benefits, the first of which is access to THE BATHROOM, a collaborative graffiti board. Future areas and perks can be unlocked by the community through roadmap activation. Visit for more details.",
            "discord": "",
            "email": "",
            "erc_type": "erc721",
            "featured_url": "",
            "floor_price": 1.113,
            "github": "",
            "instagram": "",
            "items_total": 10000,
            "large_image_url": "",
            "logo_url": "",
            "medium": "",
            "name": "BoredApeYachtClub",
            "opensea_floor_price": 91,
            "opensea_verified": true,
            "owner": "0xaba7161a7fb69c88e16ed9f455ce62b791ee4d03",
            "owners_total": 6271,
            "price_symbol": "ETH",
            "royalty": 250,
            "sales_total": 638,
            "symbol": "BAYC",
            "telegram": "BoredApeYC",
            "twitter": "BoredApeYC",
            "verified": false,
            "volume_total": 4577.1396,
            "website": ""
    "msg": ""