This document provides you step-by-step instruction to add your MegaNode Polygon API to MetaMask

As a high-performance blockchain RPC service provider, you can easily use MegaNode API to increase the transaction speed on you MetaMask. All you have to do is sign up an account and one-click to add our RPC API to you wallet.


The MetaMask browser extension in only available on Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Brave.

Adding MegaNode Polygon API to your MetaMask

Step1: Find Your App


Find your API Details in your Polygon app

Adding new chains to MetaMask is super easy, all it need is to click "Add to MetaMask" button in your API details.

Step2: Approve on MetaMask


Click "Approve"


Click "Switch Network"

By clicking "Switch network", you have successfully added new chain to you MetaMask!

What’s Next