This document provides you step-by-step instruction to add your MegaNode Ethereum API to MetaMask

As a high-performance blockchain RPC service provider, you can easily use MegaNode API to increase the transaction speed on you MetaMask. All you have to do is sign up an account and one-click to add our RPC API to you wallet.


The MetaMask browser extension in only available on Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Brave.

Adding Ethereum to your MetaMask

You are not able to add MegaNode Ethereum API to your MetaMask easily because of the MetaMask limitation. Don't worry! We will guide you to add it step-by-step!

Step1: Find Your API Key and Endpoint


Click to copy your https API endpoint

All it needs is to click the "Endpoint" button on the ETH Standard API package. Then you could click on the "Add to MetaMask" button to follow the according steps.


Check out how we protect your privacy here!

NodeReal Privacy Policy

Step2: Open Network Setting on MetaMask


Click "Setting"


Click "Networks"


Click "Add Network"

Step3: Input MegaNode API

By clicking "Add Network", your browser will open a config page in new tab. Please input or paste below information:

  • Network Name: Ethereum Mainnet - NodeReal
  • New RPC URL: YOUR API ENDPOINT (Copied in step 1)
  • Chain ID: 1 (Please ignore it if you see any red notice)
  • Currency Symbol: ETH
  • Block Explorer URL:

Click "Save" after fill-in above information


Add successfully!

Congrats! You've added MegaNode Ethereum API to your MetaMask. Now you can experience high-speed RPC service for your transactions!

What’s Next