How to list your APIs to NodeReal Web3 API Marketplace


You must be an experienced developer in the Web3 world! Do you have any creative ideas to better retrieve or utilize data from blockchains?
If so, you came to the right place! We can help you reach developers all over the Web3 world through our Web3 API Marketplace.


Step #1: Prepare your API document

Must-haves for your API document:

  • Create your dedicated "service name" and we will use it as a path prefix.(such as spiderman)
  • Configure the endpoint and other necessary parameters so that we can route API to your service.
  • Configure the rate limit of your entire service.
  • Configure IP/domain blacklist, we will intercept API requests from the address of the list
  • Describe each API you want to provide

To help you better understand the API document specifications, we have compiled an example document here API document - for providers.

Step #2: Submit your APIs and contact information

To better understand your API details and discuss the cooperation model between our two parties, we will need your contact information for future engagement once you’ve submitted your API document.

Contact Information includes:

  • Name - Required
  • Company - Optional
  • Email Address - Required
  • Social Account (Discord, Telegram, Slack, etc.) - Required
  • Tell us about your API - Required

Step #3: Video Call with NodeReal Staff

We'll schedule a meeting with you ASAP and also have our developer and BD colleagues on the call to further discuss:

  • the general process of listing your API to our marketplace
  • the pricing of your API and how will the payment be handled
  • whether you host your API or we help do that - According to the way you choose to host your API, we will make sure your API, codes, and container meet our specifications.
  • when will we list your API to our marketplace
  • other questions you may have regarding the process

Step #4: API Review

We will give you feedback and guidance after our first call and have your APIs reviewed afterward. The reviewing process will be focused on the following areas:


  • A single point is not allowed, and at least 2 servers are required
  • Maximum QPS the service can hold should be provided.
  • The response time of the server is less than 3s
  • Service should expose an endpoint /health responding with an HTTP 200 status code. The whole URL would be like base_url/health

Acceptance Standard

Please stress the online environment for at least 10 minutes for core business scenarios and interfaces. When the highest supported QPS is reached, the passing criteria are as follows:

  • P95 < 2000ms
  • Error rate (statistically non-200) <= 0.1%
  • Please provide a performance Test Script and performance Test report before listing your API
  • Please run the test script against our API gateway once again after listing your API and we will provide the API gateway’s endpoint and verify the performance result from our monitor.

Step #5: List your API to the Marketplace

Once your APIs are reviewed and approved by our team, we will work out the listing details with you together, including the general info part, the pricing part, etc.

To provide our customers with more complete and professional solutions, we recommend our developers to combine several independent but functionally-related APIs into one API package and sell the API package as a whole.

To do that, we need you to provide us with the following information:

API Package Nameat most 25 characters, including blanks
Descriptionbriefly describe the function of this API package, at most 200 characters
Included API Listat least one API
Supported ChainsBSC / ETH / Aptos / etc.
Cover Image600 x 600 pixels
Target Price$X / month
Rate LimitX requests / second
Usage LimitX requests / month

Then, if everything works out fine, we will list your API packages to our marketplace.

Step #6: Revenue Sharing

We will enable a free-trial period for all developers’ API packages, which will last for one month. Once the free-trial period ends, we'll put your API package into the Premium category and start charging our customers for requesting the included APIs of your API packages.

At the end of every month, we will count the total subscribers for each of your API packages and calculate the revenue for all your API packages.

You, as the API developer, will get XX% share of the total subscription revenue within 30 days of the end of each calendar month.


API PackagePriceMonthly SubscribersRevenue
API Package #1$100 / month300$30,000
API Package #2$200 / month200$40,000
API Package #3$300 / month100$30,000
Total Revenue$100,000
Developer’s Revenue Share$100,000*XX% = $XX,000