Migrate from Goerli to Sepolia on Ethereum


MegaNode provides both Goerli and Sepolia testnet on Ethereum. However, following the ETH Foundation's decision to deprecate Goerli, MegaNode will soon deprecate Goerli from our platform. We strongly suggest you migrate to the Sepolia testnet and here is the guide to show you step-by-step instructions.

Recommended Action for Developers

If you're using the Goerli testnet and you want to migrate to the Sepolia testnet, the first thing to do is find the new endpoints through the MegaNode dashboard (API_Key detail page) or API Marketplace Ethereum RPC detail page.

Sepolia Chain Information

If you are adding the Sepolia blockchain to your wallet, this is the network information to include:

To start building on Sepolia, sign up for a free MegNode account.

When will Goerli be deprecated on MegaNode?

We are targeting to deprecate the Goerli testnet in Jan, 2024.

What happens after the Goerli testnet is deprecated on MegaNode?

You will receive an error response if you still send requests to Goerli testnet on MegaNode.