Success Stories

Success Stories

One of our flagship offerings, Semita RaaS, has been instrumental in helping projects like opBNB and Combo scale beyond limitations. By leveraging our rollup technology, these projects have achieved transactions per second (TPS) rates exceeding 4,000, significantly reducing gas fees and enhancing user experience.

Infrastructure Excellence: Meganode and Blockchain Explorer

Our comprehensive infrastructure services, including Meganode and the NodeReal Blockchain Explorer, have provided clients with the tools necessary for high-performance operations. The Meganode service, with its high-capacity and scalable node solutions, has empowered projects with reliable and efficient access to blockchain data. Meanwhile, our blockchain explorer has set new standards for transparency and functionality, offering features like real-time statistics, contract verification, and user-friendly interfaces that enhance the visibility and trustworthiness of our clients' projects.

Pioneering with dStorage Integration

The integration of BNBChain Greenfield with our clients' projects represents a breakthrough in decentralized storage solutions. By utilizing BNBChain Greenfield, our clients have benefitted from reduced costs and improved performance, paving the way for innovative applications and use cases in the blockchain sector.

opBNB (Testnet/Mainnet)Combo(Testnet/Mainnet)
SequencerBuilt inBuilt in
BridgeNative bridge or 3rd parties (zkBridge, etc)Native bridge or 3rd parties
ExploreropBNBscan by NodeRealCombo Explorer by NodeReal
Node ServiceMeganode(High performance API service)Meganode(High performance API service)
IndexingSubgraph powered by MeganodeSubgraph powered by Meganode
AA/WaaSParticle network, TrustWallet, etcParticle network, TrustWallet, etc
dStorage Integration (BNB Greenfield)BNBChain Greenfield