Error code and Description

This page provides self-service troubleshooting for MegaNode users when
encountering errors.

You can reach out to us in our discord here:

Or you can contact [email protected] for more information.

MegaNode: Handling Errors


code: -32000

message: Unauthorized

Invalid KEYSee your MegaNode account for the valid API KEY


message: timeout

Request hit 30 seconds timeoutSplitting heavy subqueries into smaller bites

code: -32002

message: IP address XX.XXX.XXX is not on whitelist

The current IP address being used is not whitelistedCheck the whitelisted IP addresses on your API Key’s settings


message: method xxx does not support

The method is not allowed to youUpgrade plan

code: -32005

message: batch size exceed limit 500

Occurs when hitting the 500 requests limitation in a batch callLimit the number of requests in a batch call (<500)

code: -32005

message: ran out of cu

Occurs when CU runs outUpgrade plan or buy more CUs

code: -32005

message: Your account has exceeded its Compute Units Per Second capacity. Please check out and upgrade to Growth or Enterprise tier for higher rate limit.

Occurs when reached CUPS capacityUpgrade plan or send with retries

code: -32005

message: logs count exceeds the limit 50000

Occurs when block range exceed 50,000Reduce the query block range

code: -32005

message: limit exceeded

Request method rate limit is reachedContact Tech Support via Discord

code: -32600

message: Invalid request

JSON is not a valid request objectCheck the correct JSON at API doc section for the method being used

code: -32601

message: method XXXX does not exist/is not available.

Unsupported method or Unsupported clients were used when calling the API

Check at the API doc section if the method is supported

Use GETH or ethclient

code: -32602
message: too many params / missing value

Invalid ParamsCheck the correct params number and type.

code: -32700
message: parse error

Invalid JSONCheck the correct JSON at API doc section for the method being used.