Application Chain One-Stop Enterprise Solution

NodeReal provides one-stop solutions for the application chain, which simplifies the development and maintenance of your applications.

Below is a data flow diagram.

  1. When users or developers post data to the application chains, it could be through NodeReal elastic RPC endpoint(MegaNode), and the data will be broadcasted to the application chain network. Validators of the Application Chain will verify the data and add it to the blocks.
  2. NodeReal data pipeline will keep monitoring the application chain, retrieve the data and save it to the NodeReal data engine. It is a multiple replica data engine that allow queries from the replicas to increase the speed of data retrieval.
  3. NodeReal enhanced API will retrieve the data from the engine. And when users or developers query the data from the NodeReal explorer, the data will be provided through the enhanced API.
  4. Assets and tokens can be swapped to the public chain through the bridging relay network.

Compared with other enterprise products, NodeReal Application Chain One-Stop Solution is a blockchain product suite that can simplify your development and scale with your business growth.

  • Access Layer Support
    NodeReal provides the high-speed, low-latency, and scalable RPC endpoint(Meganode) to allow developers and users to access the application chain easily without maintaining the node. Meganode is scalable so that when business traffic spikes, it can handle the requests without interruption.

  • Bridging solution
    NodeReal provides the ability to bridge the application chains to public blockchains, like Ethereum, BSC, and others. Users could swap their on-chain assets(NFT, token, etc) to public chains.

  • High-Speed data indexing
    Customizable data pipeline and corresponding NodeReal Data Engine, the on-chain data can be easily indexed and saved for analysis purposes. Data Engine could provide the GraphQL interface to allow developers and data scientists to query the data according to the business requirements.

  • Enhanced API Support
    With pre-indexed data, NodeReal provides the enhanced API to simplify the development process. Developers could retrieve the aggregated data from enhanced API instead of querying the raw API.