Complement critical information and enable users to explore Validators and Proposals.

  • Validator list: Check all the validators on BNB Greenfield.
  • Proposal list and details: Find all the proposals happened on BNB Greenfield with their list and detailed info.
  • Search by Bucket/Object/SP name: Find the bucket/object/SP through fuzzy searching.


Enable data object exploring by providing related lists, and present chain settings and parameters.

  • Bucket list: Check recent created buckets.
  • Object list: Check recent created objects.
  • Parameters page: Check the Staking/Distribution/Slashing parameters for BNB Greenfield.
  • Chain info page: Check the basic chain settings for BNB Greenfield.


Greatly improve the data query efficiency by filter support on list pages, and enable address tagging.

  • Filters for all list pages: Users can filter transactions by transaction type and rank SPs/validators by more metrics.
  • Address tagging: Give your own tag name to any addresses or provide public name tags to certain addresses.
  • Search by address tags: Search addresses through public address tags.
  • Mainnet Support