Greenfield Storage Solution

As one of the core contributors to BNBChain, NodeReal aims to serve as the major infrastructure provider in the Greenfield ecosystem.


DCellar is a file management tool and an ultimate client for Greenfield. With DCellar, you can store and manage your files in a decentralized way, fully control your data, and even make profit out of them. Meanwhile, you can also use DCellar to manage your account, balance, and billings. DCellar supports common crypto wallets such as Metamask, with no more than one-click, you can login with your existing crypto wallet, and start your decentralized data journey. Try DCellar Alpha Version→


GreenfieldScan is an advanced blockchain explorer and analytical platform exclusively designed for the BNB Greenfield Chain Testnet. It surpasses most of the COSMOS chain explorers by offering a powerful transaction analysis and information extraction capability. Try GreenfieldScan →
The platform provides multiple functions that include:

  • Statistics: Provides real-time data on the latest block number, average block time, total transactions, TPS (transactions per second), and total addresses on the Greenfield network.
  • Blocks: Displays the latest blocks and their details, such as their hash, timestamp, and transaction count.
  • Transactions: Enables users to view the latest transactions and their details, including logs, message parsing, and other related information.
  • Accounts: Lists the top 100,000 accounts on the Greenfield network, ranked by balance. Users can also view the total number of transactions conducted under each address.
    Storage: Provides information on the latest created buckets and uploaded objects on the Greenfield network.

RPC service and indexing

NodeReal is the developer of DCellar and a major contributor to the BNB Greenfield technology. We specialize in providing scalable and high-performance RPC node services to both BNB Greenfield and BNB Smart Chain (BSC).
Through NodeReal's innovative virtual node architecture, our RPC service offers low-latency, elastic, and secure RPC services that are specifically designed for developers. By connecting to NodeReal's RPC endpoint, developers can focus on their business needs without worrying about the technical complexities and maintenance associated with running a node.

RPC Endpoints

Greenfield Blockchain (Testnet chain-id: greenfield_5600-1)
Tendermint RPC:
Eth API:

Greenfield Storage Provider (Testnet)

BSC(Testnet chain-id 5601)
RPC Endpoints:

Greenfield Storage solution (coming soon)

NodeReal provides deployment services for storage providers on single or multiple cloud platforms, and we have partnered with top-tier cloud companies like AWS and Ali-cloud to offer reliable and scalable solutions for our clients. Our deployment services include everything from architecture design to deployment and maintenance, ensuring that our clients have access to high-quality and efficient storage solutions that meet their specific requirements.

NodeReal's Storage Solution offers an easy and efficient way for anyone who wants to run a storage provider on the cloud. Our team can build the entire technology stack for clients, from storage system architecture design to deployment and maintenance.

NodeReal's expertise in storage provider deployment ensures that our clients receive high-quality and reliable storage solutions that meet their specific needs. With our storage solution, clients can focus on their core business operations, while we take care of the technical aspects of their storage infrastructure.

Furthermore, NodeReal assists Rollup Layer 2 projects in connecting with the Greenfield Network and building a separate data availability (DA) layer. This helps to strengthen the modularized chain capabilities of these projects, enabling them to efficiently manage and utilize decentralized data storage on the Greenfield Network.