Why Semita Optimistic Rollups?

NodeReal as a one-stop and reliable web3 infrastructure provider, our vision is to enable the web3 mass adoption, therefore the scaling solution is our focus. We adhere to providing the best-in-class services tailored to our enterprise customers.

It's not necessarily accurate to say that Optimistic Rollups is "better" than other Layer 2 scaling solutions like ZK Rollups. Each scaling solution has its own advantages and disadvantages, and the best option for a particular use case depends on various factors such as transaction volume, security requirements, and development resources.

However, here are some advantages of NodeReal Semita Optimistic Rollups:

  1. Cost-effectiveness: NodeReal Semita Optimistic Rollups is generally considered to be more cost-effective than other scaling solutions like ZK Rollups because it does not require complex zero-knowledge proofs, which can be computationally expensive to generate.

  2. Flexibility: NodeReal Semita Optimistic Rollups is more flexible than ZK Rollups in terms of the types of applications that can be built on top of it. This is because it does not require specific constraints on the types of computations that can be performed on the blockchain.

  3. Easier to develop: NodeReal Semita Optimistic Rollups is generally considered to be easier to develop and implement than ZK Rollups, due to its simpler consensus mechanism and fewer requirements for cryptographic expertise.

  4. Familiarity: NodeReal Semita Optimistic Rollups uses the same underlying technology as the BSC or Ethereum mainnet, making it more familiar to developers and potentially easier to integrate with existing applications.

  5. Better suited for certain use cases: NodeReal Semita Optimistic Rollups may be better suited for certain use cases, such as gaming or social media applications, where the cost of transactions is relatively low and the risk of fraudulent behavior is relatively low.