Reward Distribution

Semita Application Chain support block mining rewards customization. The Genesis Contract defines the amount of mining compensation for each block. Thus the number of tokens minted per block can be set at a specific number.

Semita Application Chain support block mining stop at a certain block height. Thus the whole amount of mining reward can be set as a specific number.

For example, m mining rewards can be distributed for each block created, n is the total amount of block mining rewards in the Tokenomy. If mining starts from block #1, then we can calculate the stop mining block height as follow:

stop mining block height = round up[n/m]

Usually, The Mining Reward will be automatically sent by the system to validators' contact address. And since all validators alternately provide an opportunity to generate blocks with the same probability (when maintaining 100% active validator status), all long-term stable validators can receive a similar amount of Mining Reward.

Besides sending block mining reward to validators, Semita Application Chain support sending block mining reward to different addresses under a certain proportion: The addresses and proportion can be configured through governance process.

For example, the Minting Reward Distribution can be set as follows: