Design Principles

Modular Optimistic Rollup is the foundation of the NodeReal Semita Optimistic as a Service solution. It is designed with modularity in mind, allowing different components of the blockchain system to be separated and developed independently. There are several benefits of modular blockchain, including:


The modular design guarantees the Semita Optimistic Rollup solution can be broken down into smaller, independent components or modules that can be developed, tested, and maintained separately. Each module performs a specific function and can be assembled and combined with other modules to create a complete system.


Semita Optimistic Rollup is an EVM-compatible Layer 2 chain, which means it does not depend on any shared resources, and developers and customers can have the flexibility to optimize the chain to meet their business needs(for example, gas flow customization, high-priority transactions, etc).

High performance

NodeReal Semita Optimistic Rollup targets to solve the enterprise business problems, therefore the throughput of the chain is considered from the design phase. Not only the throughput of the chain but also the high-speed access layer, Semita Optimistic Rollup provides the scalable and high-speed RPC endpoint for enterprise applications.


NodeReal Semita Optimistic Rollup allows for the development of more efficient and optimized components that can be scaled independently of other components, making it easier to handle increasing transaction volumes and network traffic. (Such as Parallel sequencer, validation, etc)


NodeReal Semita Optimistic Rollup can be designed to work seamlessly with other blockchain networks and technologies, allowing for greater integration and interoperability between different blockchain-based systems.


By separating different components of the system, NodeReal Semita Optimistic Rollup can enhance the security and resilience of the overall system, making it more resistant to attacks and vulnerabilities.