More powerful data management abilities

  • Share Folder/Bucket: you can share the whole folder/bucket with another account/group
  • Tagging: you can set tags for buckets and objects.

More enriched developer tools

  • You can explore the Greenfield developer tooling landscape in DCellar, and try our open-sourced Upload UIKit.


More powerful data management abilities

  • Change payment account: you can change your bucket’s payment account


More enriched developer tools

  • Open source: DCellar will be open-sourced so that you can leverage the latest source code to implement your project.


More powerful data management abilities

  • Support big file upload (<1G)
  • Support multiple object uploads (<500)
  • Replace object: you can update your data object by deleting and uploading a file with the same name, through which your data object will be replaced with the updated version.
  • Support to display the monthly free quota provided by SP.

More enriched developer tools

  • Upload UIKit support delegating uploads
  • List SDK, API, and other tools for Greenfield Developers
  • Display Greenfield release notes & contact us

Better user experience

  • Reduce the signature time for authentication and uploading objects.
  • New users guidance for new users.


More riched data dashboard

  • The dashboard displays the download quota and other statistics

More powerful data management abilities

  • Support Retry upload
  • Bucket change SP
  • Show activity history for bucket, object, group

More feasible payment abilities

  • Set other payment accounts to pay for my bucket