Game Chain (Public Game Chain)

FNCY is a public chain based on the NodeReal application chain, it is a game foundation to enable web3 game studios to publish their games based on the chain. Game studio could design their own ERC 20 tokens and NFTs(ERC 721/1155), air drop their tokens and NFT assets to gamers and gamers could exchange their assets and tokens on the public chains of Ethereum and BSC. For details, please visit:

For more details, please visit: FNCY Documentation Website

Loyalty Program (Permissioned Loyalty Program Chain)

Different from traditional loyal programs based on the centralized and managed system, A blockchain-based loyalty program is a secure, decentralized, and tamper-proof platform that allows brands to store and manage customer data, track customer behaviours, reward customers for their loyalty, and finally increase engagement and LTV. Customers from a buyer to a member of the brand, by receiving NFTs, virtual assets, identifications, etc. Customers can also vote for a campaign of the brand, and start building and expanding the brand by participating in events and owning NFTs.

For details, please visit: Loyalty Program Chain

Internet of Things (IoT)

The IoT industry is growing rapidly, and the latest forecast shows there will be 30B+ devices in use globally by 2030. Today’s IoT companies are built based on centralized infrastructure, which are fully managed by centralized organizations and facing some user security issues. Webs powered IoT may fundamentally change the way IoTs run. In a nutshell, Web3 in IoT is a network that makes two major promises: ownership and decentralisation.

Real Estate

The real estate marketplace has many issues, e.g. it's hard to connect buyers and sellers, the duration is too long, too much paperwork and frauds may happen when verifying the ownership. In order to overcome these challenges, Web3 based real estate is a useful and valuable use case. This solution can guarantee transaction smooth and cost-efficient, make ownership verification and eliminate middlemen.