Technical Architecture

As the implementation of Application Chain is built on the Semita Application Chain template, all existing modules are built into the system smart contracts and into the EVM machine. As Semita Application Chain template is modular, and according to the business requirements, applying different templates with programmable and customizable modules make the chain highly flexible.


Application Chain provides the following components :

  • Infrastructure: Provides powerful, convenient and perfect basic application components. For example, Basic governance management module, on-chain transactions, contracts, accounts, browsers for blocks. Enhanced APIs provide data in multiple dimensions. MegaNode perfectly solves the performance problem of chain node access

  • Client Interface: Semita Application Chain template provides WEB3 APIs for basic compatibility with the Web3 ecosystem

  • Build-in App Modules: Provides perfect solutions for staking, delegation, governance, cross-chain, etc.

  • Execution Runtime: 100% compatible EVM,Customized creation according to needs

  • Consensus: The consensus method of the resulting Semita Application Chain template is defined as Proof-of-Stake-of-Authority (POSA)

  • Network Protocol: for p2p communication between different Semita Application Chain template nodes.Provide block download, connect, disconnect, check, spread

  • Storage & State: Persistent block data.Provides world state tree, account storage tree, transaction tree, transaction receipt tree