Pricing Plan

This section serves to explain the differences between MegaNode's multiple pricing categories.

MegaNode provides RPC infrastructure service for free. Users can easily use the services by simply signing up for an account. We are aware, though, that some customers might be drawn to more extensive usage and specialized support. As a result, we have provided various MegaNode price plans for you to choose from in accordance with your company's demands.

Available API Keys315Custom
Monthly CUs (Compute Units)100M500MCustom
Computing Units Per Second (CUPS)300700Custom
Https & Websockets
BSC mainnet & testnet
Ethereum mainnet & testnet
Dashboard & Statistics
Archive data
Debug API
Dedicated Support

Free Tier

We strive to provide the best user experience. You can access blockchains for free after signing up on MegaNode, such as:

  • No subscription fee
  • Aptos, mainnet & testnet
  • BNB Smart Chain, mainnet & testnet
  • Etheruem Mainnet, Sepolia testnet
  • Etheruem Beacon Chain, mainnet
  • Optimism, mainnet
  • Polygon, mainnet
  • Https and Websockets API
  • 3 API Keys
  • 100M monthly CU
  • 300 monthly CUPS
  • Dashboard and Statistics
  • Archive data

Growth Tier

Customers who need more powerful APIs and higher levels of usage are strongly encouraged to subscribe to the Growth Tier, which offers all the advantages of the Free Tier plus:

  • $39 early bird discount
  • 15 API Keys
  • 500M monthly CU
  • 700 monthly CUPS
  • Debug & Trace API


We provide a testing period before actually charging you. The actual payment will be processed on the 1st of the next month. e.g. if you subscribe to Growth tier on 14th March, your PayPal account will not be charged until 1st April.

Enterprise Tier

Can't find the ideal match for your business? Let our specialists assist you. According to your company's demands, we offer specialized solutions for various levels of consumption, API Keys, and SLAs. Contact us at [email protected] or leave us a message here now.

  • Custom # of API Keys
  • Custom monthly usage
  • Dedicated support
  • SLA and other requirements