Why can't I send the batch requests successfully?

You can send batch requests only if the API calls nested within it are no more than 500 requests. Also, you can't send debug API requests as part of your batch request.

Can you help me migrate the endpoint from my personal account to the team account endpoint?

Yes.Please provide us your personal account and team account details by Telegram or Discord.

Do you have the wss connection limit for a single endpoint?

No limitation as of now.

Can we have a public API key of Aptos,BSC and ETH for the community?

Yes.You can generate a public key according to the guidance below.
And you can use the public key for Aptos,BSC and ETH at the same time.

Can I connect to different nodes using one API key?

Yes.You can connect to different nodes with one API key at the same time.

Is it possible to customize the rate limit for PancakeSwap?

Yes.It is possible. Please contact us by raising a ticket. We can discuss more details then.

How many apps or scripts can I connect to the endpoint at the same time?

There is No Limitation.

What is the difference between a full node and an archive node?

A full node stores all the data in the blockchain, including block headers and data records. It participates in block validation and verifies all blocks and states. An archive node stores everything kept in the full node and builds an archive of historical states.

Is there a snapshot for the Aptos mainnet ledger?

We don’t maintain snapshot. But Aptos community does:

Why do I see Aptos endpoints under ETH Beacon Node API?

It was found to be an outdated cache. You can minimize the confusion by 1) Clearing the existing cache, 2) using incognito mode to access documentation and 3) heading over to API marketplace and select desire API packages.

I get "Not a correct jsonrpc format request" when making batch requests on Arbitrum Nitro with https endpoint. Do you support batch request?

Currently we do not support batch requests via https endpoint.

Please switch over to websocket endpoint (wss://open-platform.nodereal.io/ws/«API KEY»/arbitrum-nitro/) to perform batch request