Technical Architecture

As mentioned in the design principle section, below is the technical architecture of NodeReal Semita Optimistic Rollup.
The modularity of the Semita Optimistic Rollup allows for the customization of different templates based on business requirements, making the chain adaptable and flexible.


Semita Rollup provides the following components :

Base Chain

The base Chain functions as a settlement layer. In cryptocurrency transactions, the settlement is done when the block with the transaction data is added to the blockchain. The settlement layer ensures that the transaction cannot be rolled back and the parties involved in the financial operation do not have their assets stolen after the final settlement is reached. Semita Rollup can connect with EVM-compatible chains, for example Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, etc

Data availability

A blockchain that only performs consensus & data availability. The data availability layer manages the on-chain and stale-chain blockchain records, making sure that records are available and public for everybody to look at. Examples include Celestia, Polygon Avail, and Eigen DA.

The consensus layer establishes the set of guidelines to be observed through nodes for verifying and validating blocks and agreeing on a canonical blockchain state. This ensures that there is an agreement among all of the nodes in the consensus network with the installed blocks and transactions, thereby guaranteeing true security and decentralization.

Rollup Core

The implementation of the Optimism Rollup protocol.