Greenfield Bundle Service


With more and more developers joining BNB Greenfield ecosystem, many good practices utilizing decentralized storage continue to emerge .On the other hand, sending small files to Greenfield is not an economic way. When small files are sent, the information about the files (metadata) saved in the system can be bigger than the files themselves. This means it costs more for both the users and Greenfield. For instance, imagine a user's account wants to uploads a website to Greenfield. If the files of the website are tiny but there are a lot of them, it leads to the same problem: too much metadata and higher costs.

NodeReal has designed a bundling service to solve this problem. Bundling service provides a solution to small files together into one big file before sending it to Greenfield.Thus, developers can can cut down unnecessary costs while still get to each file in the big file as if they were separate.
NodeReal Bundling service is fully open sourced, developers can use NodeReal bundle service directly, while they can also deploy their own bundle service if needed.

Developer Guide

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