Migrate from Rinkeby to Goerli on Ethereum


MegaNode provides both Rinkeby and Goerli testnet on Ethereum. However, with the Ethereum Merge, the Ethereum foundation had announced the deprecation of Ropsten, Rinkeby & Kiln. MegaNode will soon deprecate the Rinkeby from our platform, we strongly suggest you migrate to Goerli testnet and here is the guide to show you step-by-step instruction.

Step 1 - Change the app setting

If you're using the Rinkeby testnet currently, and you want to migrate to the Goerli testnet, the first thing to do is change the app setting.


Click the "Setting" on top-right of your app page


Select goerli from the network dropdown menu, and click "Save"

Step 2 - Change the endpoint

Once you've successfully change the app setting, you should also change the API endpoint accordingly. You can find the API endpoint in you app detail page.


Please note that your API would not change, you would only need to change the network name in the server URL.


Copy the endpoint and apply on your dApp

Step 3 - All set!

After changing the API endpoint, your application is now all set!

When will Rinkeby be deprecated on MegaNode?

We are targeting to deprecate the Rinkeby testnet on Jan.6, 2023.

What happens after the Rinkeby testnet is deprecated on MegaNode?

You will no longer be able to create a new Rinkeby app on MegaNode. All existing apps would not be deleted but the API requests will be not available. You will receive an error response if you still send requests to Rinkeby testnet on MegaNode.