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GreenfieldScan provides a summary of the latest information on the Greenfield Testnet, including details on the Latest Block, Average Block Time, Total Transactions, and Total Addresses.
In addition to the summary information, users can also view the latest 5 created buckets and uploaded objects, along with their corresponding transaction hash.
Furthermore, GreenfieldScan displays basic information on the latest 5 blocks and transactions, and users can easily access the complete list of blocks and transactions by clicking on the "View All" buttons.


For users who are already familiar with blockchain technology, GreenfieldScan provides an efficient search function that enables them to quickly find specific addresses, blocks, or transactions. By using the "Enter" key or the search result preview box, users can perform accurate and fast searches for these three metrics. This feature is designed to make the process of locating specific information more convenient and streamlined for experienced blockchain users.


Transaction list page displays a maximum of 100,000 transactions. Users can easily check the type of the transaction and the timestamp of it.
To check more detailed info, users can click transaction hash to enter the transaction detail page where transaction messages are summarized. We also provide the “Logs” for developers to check all the info completely.


Block list page displays a maximum of 100,000 blocks. Users can easily check transactions count of each block and the proposer info.
To check more detailed info, users can click block height to enter the block detail page. We will have a separate tab for all the transactions under the current block in the future.


Accounts list page displays a maximum of 100,000 accounts. These accounts are ranked by the BNB (tBNB) balance.
To check transaction history for certain accounts, users can search address hash to enter the account detail page. Account basic info such as BNB(tBNB) balance, Locked Fee, Transaction Count are displayed as well.