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GreenfieldScan provides a summary of the latest information on the Greenfield Testnet, including details on the Latest Block, Average Block Time, Total Transactions, and Total Addresses.
In addition to the summary information, users can also view the latest 5 created buckets and uploaded objects, along with their corresponding transaction hash.
Furthermore, GreenfieldScan displays basic information on the latest 5 blocks and transactions, and users can easily access the complete list of blocks and transactions by clicking on the "View All" buttons.

In the latest version, three useful charts are added to the homepage as well: Daily Stored Data Size, Network Storage Data Size, and Daily Transactions. These data are critical for the whole ecosystem and users can find out the trend of storage behaviors on BNB Greenfield.


For users who are already familiar with blockchain technology, GreenfieldScan provides an efficient search function that enables them to quickly find specific addresses, blocks, or transactions. By using the "Enter" key or the search result preview box, users can perform accurate and fast searches for these three metrics. This feature is designed to make the process of locating specific information more convenient and streamlined for experienced blockchain users.

In the latest version, users can input bucket/object/SP (storage provider) names to execute fuzzy search, or accurate search by bucket/object ID.


Transaction list page displays a maximum of 100,000 transactions. Users can easily check the type of the transaction and the timestamp of it.
To check more detailed info, users can click transaction hash to enter the transaction detail page where transaction messages are summarized. We also provide the “Logs” for developers to check all the info completely.


Block list page displays a maximum of 100,000 blocks. Users can easily check transactions count of each block and the proposer info.
To check more detailed info, users can click block height to enter the block detail page. We will have a separate tab for all the transactions under the current block in the future.


Accounts list page displays a maximum of 100,000 accounts. These accounts are ranked by the BNB (tBNB) balance.
To check transaction history for certain accounts, users can search address hash to enter the account detail page. Account basic info such as BNB(tBNB) balance, Locked Fee, Transaction Count are displayed as well.

Storage Providers (SP)

Storage Providers (SP) is an infrastructure provider for storage services. They provide storage service by storing the actual data (payload data) of objects using the BNB Greenfield as the ledger and single source of truth. SP list page displays all the SPs on BNB Greenfield with their addresses, free quota, and status.

Since SPs are a special kind of address, they do have address detail pages. In their address detail page, apart from some basic address info, users can find extra SP info including SP Recommend Storage/Read Price and other address information such as Approval Address & Funding Address.


A bucket is a logical container for storing objects in BNB Greenfield. Once a bucket has been created, users can upload their files to a certain bucket. Buckets list page displays the latest 100,000 created buckets. Users can easily check the name and creator of these buckets.

For further details about a certain bucket, users need to enter a bucket detail page where all the related transactions, objects within the bucket, and permissions information can be found.


An object is a fundamental unit of storage in Greenfield, including its associated metadata. Each object is uniquely identified within a bucket by its object name. GreenfieldScan provides a list page for all objects that have recently been uploaded and users can easily check their names, buckets, data size, and creator.

To find more information, users need to click the object name and visit the object detail page. In this page, users can preview/download public objects and find more storage related information. Transactions related to the current object are also displayed separately.


A Group is a collection of accounts with the same permissions. A group member can be added to multiple groups. Group members have an expiration time which is set by the group owner. Group list page shows all the groups created with the count of their members. To check the detailed list of members, users need to visit the group detail page. In this detail page, users can also check the buckets/objects to which this group permissions apply.


Validators work in synergy with Storage Providers to provide a complete storage service. Validators store metadata and financial ledgers with consensus. They will also conduct a governance procedure to vote to elect the SPs. To check all the validators on BNB Greenfield, we add this validator list page where users can find their voting power, commission and proposed block number.

Similar to SPs, validators’ detailed information are listed in their address detail page. Users can search by validators’ names as well.


Cosmos solutions use proposals to conduct governance procedures. In the proposal list page, users can find voting proposals pinned to top while historical ones are displayed in the following list. To check more detailed descriptions about the proposal, users need to visit the proposal detail page by clicking on the title of the proposal.
BNB Greenfield uses Cosmos (a network of interoperable blockchains built on BFT consensus) solution which has some basic parameters that should be displayed in the explorer. Through the parameters page, users can check staking, distribution, and slashing parameters set for BNB Greenfield.

Chain Info

Apart from parameters, BNB Greenfield as a blockchain also has its chain information such as Daemon Name, Genesis URL, Codebase, and etc. Public APIs are also displayed in this page for developers.


Most of the on-chain behaviors are hard to track, therefore, a statistics page is necessary for explorer as a tool. In the latest version, users can find 3 charts that are displayed in the Homepage as well: Daily Stored Data Size, Network Storage Data Size, and Daily Transactions charts. These charts can provide data insights for both normal users and on-chain projects. GreenfieldScan will provide more charts in the near future.