Direct Route FAQ


Is there a charge for using Direct Route?

Direct Route is currently in the Alpha stage and all services are free of charge in the short term. We will clarify the payment plan in the future.

How much voting power does Direct Route possess now?

Direct Route currently mainly supports the BSC ecosystem. We have reached a cooperation agreement with 3+ nodes. We look forward to cooperating with more nodes in the near future.

Do you have testnet?

The endpoint of testnet is

How is Bundle priced?

BundlePrice = sum(gasPrice * gasUsed) / sum(gasUsed) + BNBToCoinbase/sum(gasUsed) * nativeScale

nativeScale=2 (This means that if you choose a bundle with deposit coinbase transactions, then your bundle will get higher priority execution.)

How are Direct Route bundles sorted?

The Direct Route will sort all transactions by gas price, which is consistent with the typical BSC transaction sequence.


Block Producer

How can I apply for a cooperative block producer ?

If you wish to become a cooperative block producer in Direct Route, please don’t hesitate to contact us:Become a partner node for Direct Route

Will you consider supporting other blockchains apart from BSC?

The endpoint of testnet is