MegaNode: Handling Errors
This page provides self-service troubleshooting for MegaNode users when encountering errors.
code: -32000
message: Unauthorized
Invalid KEY
See your MegaNode account for the valid API KEY
message: timeout
Request hit 30 seconds timeout
Splitting heavy subqueries into smaller bites
code: -32002
message: IP address XX.XXX.XXX is not on whitelist
The current IP address being used is not whitelisted
Check the whitelisted IP addresses on your APPโ€™s settings
message: method xxx does not support
The method is not allowed to you
Upgrade plan
code: -32005
message: batch size exceed limit 500
Occurs when hitting the 500 requests limitation in a batch call
Limit the number of requests in a batch call (<500)
code: -32005
message: ran out of cu
Occurs when CU runs out
Upgrade plan or buy more CUs
code: -32600
message: Invalid request
JSON is not a valid request object
Check the correct JSON at API doc section for the method being used
code: -32601
message: method XXXX does not exist/is not available.
Unsupported method or Unsupported clients were used when calling the API
Check at the API doc section if the method is supported Use GETH or ethclient
code: -32602 message: too many params / missing value
Invalid Params
Check the correct params number and type.
code: -32700 message: parse error
Invalid JSON
Check the correct JSON at API doc section for the method being used.
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