As the implementation of Application Chain is built on the BNB Smart Chain, all existing modules are built into the system smart contracts and into the EVM machine. As Application Chain is modular, and according to the business requirements, applying different templates with programmable and customizable modules make the chain highly flexible.
Application Chain is constituted with the following layers :
  • API and Tooling——Semita Application Chain is not only a singleton blockchain, but a rich ecosystem. It consists of powerful, convenient and perfect fundamental infrastructures.
    • TraceReal provides real-time on chain data and analysis about blocks, transactions, contracts and accounts.
    • API Marketplace provide abstracted valuable data in multiple dimensions such as NFT and DeFi related indexing and queries.
    • MegaNode provides instant and reliable access to FNCY chain through both RPC and Websocket connection.
  • Client Interface— Application Chain provides rich-feature WEB3 JSON-RPC with 100% compatibility to Ethereum network.
  • Governance Modules——Semita Application Chain provides state-of-art solutions for on-chain governance such as staking, slashing and governance.
  • Execution Runtime—— Application Chain is 100% EVM compatible so that existing smart contracts can be migrated seamlessly. And its genesis smart contract is modularized and upgradeable.
  • Consensus — The consensus method of the Semita Application Chain is defined as Proof-of-StakedAuthority (POSA). The PoSA consensus algorithm is a hybrid between the Proof-of-Staking and Proof-of-Authority consensus mechanism.
  • Network Protocol — for p2p communication between different Semita Application Chain validators and nodes.
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