NodeReal Anniversary Campaign

NodeReal’s journey started in September 2021, and since then we’ve been heads down, building the fastest and also scalable blockchain infrastructure that “Makes Your Web3 Real”.

We would love to offer all our MegaNode users some out-of-this-world deals, on this special celebration of our 1st anniversary!

Step 1 - Login MegaNode

MegaNode supports Github & Discord login - choose your favorite way to login MegaNode!

Step 2 - Choose your best package


We offer 3 packages, up tp 35% discount

If you're interested in our Growth tier, now we offer you the best packages!

  • 1-month discount: Now it only $33.9 for the first month!
  • Buy 3 get 1 free: If you buy 3-month Growth tier, now you can get additional 1 month free!
  • Buy 6 get 3 free: Best deal! You can have total 9 months usage and only need to pay $26/mo!


If you're still in free-trial, the subscription will start after the free-trial ends.

Step 3 - Confirm your order


Confirm your order before payment

You can check the package duration before payment. If you're still in the MegaNode free-trial, don't worry, the subscription will start after the free-trial.

Step 4 - Pay with PayPal


You can either login the PayPal account, or pay directly with card

We partnered with PayPal to provide a secured payment environment. You can either use your PayPal account to pay, or directly pay with a card. Please note that NodeReal won't get your any card/account information.


Confirm your order with PayPal account or input the card information

Step 5 - Enjoy MegaNode Growth tier

If the payment is proceeded successfully, you will see your account is upgraded to Growth tier! Please refer Pricing Plan document to see the latest Growth tier perks.


Frequently Asked Questions

When will this campaign end?

This special event for NodeReal anniversary will end on September 30, 2022.

Who can buy this Growth tier packages?

As long as you are MegaNode user, and currently not in Enterprise tier, you can buy these packages.

Can I buy multiple packages?

Yes! We encourage you to seize this anniversary campaign to build your dApp with best Web3 infrastructure, so you can place another order even you have already purchased!

What will happen after my promotional package end?

If you didn't cancel the subscription, you will be charged with $39 a month after your promotional package ends.

Can I ask for refund?

Once you have placed the order and confirmed the payment via PayPal, you are not able to ask for refund. However, you can cancel the subscription anytime to prevent future payments.

Again, Thank you, as Always 🙏

Our community is growing fast and we want to thank you all for being a part of it and for giving us the confidence to move forward. Our 1st anniversary is a unique chance for you to get our services at a fantastic price before we adjust our pricing again. Hurry up, and let’s celebrate together!