Issue BEP20 Tokens

In this section, we provide a brief step-by-step guide on how to issue BEP20 tokens on the BNB Application Chain.

Compile and Deploy BEP20 Contract

  1. Open Remix IDE:


  1. Select solidity language


  1. Create new contract BEP20Token.sol and copy contract code from the BEP20 token template here
  2. Modify “name”, “symbol”, “decimals” and “totalSupply” according to your requirements.


  1. Compile the BEP20 token contract

a. Step1: Click button to switch to compile page

b. Step2: Select “BEP20Token” contract

c. Step3: Enable “Auto compile” and “optimization”

d. Step4: Click “ABI” to copy the contract abi and save it


  1. Deploy the contract to BAS Testnet

a. Step1: Click button to switch to compile button

b. Step2: Select “Injected Web3”

c. Step3: Select “BEP20Token”

d. Step4: Client “Deploy” button and Metamask will pop up


e. Client “confirm” button to sign and broadcast transaction to BAS