For Traders

Why use DirectRoute?

ScenariosWithout Direct RouteWith Direct Route
You have multiple transactions and you want them to be executed at the same time

  • Each of your transactions is treated as an independent individual transactions and sent to the public waiting pool. The block producers choose transactions based on the level of the gas fee, and thus your transactions are very likely to be scattered in different blocks.
  • Some transactions may even fail while others succeed.

  • With Direct Route, you can submit multiple transactions in a bundle, which will be packaged by a specific block producer.
  • The block producer guarantees that the transactions in the bundle will either succeed or fail at the same time.
You have a large position of a certain token and want to sell them quickly

  • When you initiate the transaction in PancakeSwap/Sushiswap/Uniswap (the default slippage is 0.5%), the transaction will most likely fail. You may have to re-initiate the transaction at a lower price.
  • When your transaction is sent to the public waiting pool for processing, and when it is your turn, the token price has fallen below your slippage threshold (you have been preempted).
  • If you increase the slippage tolerance to 10%, the transaction success rate will increase but at the same time, it will also expose your motive to sell urgently and the transaction may still be attacked by robots.

  • With Direct Route, your transaction will bypass the public transaction pool and be sent directly to the DR private pool.
  • The block will be packaged by a specific block producer (no one can see your transaction except for the specific block producer), which greatly improves the success rate.
  • If your transaction fails, you will be notified and won’t be charged any gas fee. You will not expose yourself to the risk of a sandwich attack.
You believe the price of a certain coin will rise and you want to buy a large amount of it

  • Suppose that the token is supported on PancakeSwap/Sushiswap/Uniswap, and you try to submit a large purchase order, there is a high probability that it will fail, and you will waste a lot of gas fees on the failed transaction, because there are too many buyers simultaneously!
  • Your transaction is sent to the public waiting pool. When your transaction is about to be processed, the price has exceeded your slippage limit.

  • Using Direct Route, your transaction will be sent to the network privately and securely. Meanwhile, your transaction will be ahead of everyone else in the public waiting pool and is more likely to succeed because there is no chance of being squeezed out by other users.
  • If your transaction fails, you won’t be charged any gas fee, and no one will know that you were trying to buy. You can submit another transaction at a higher price until your purchase is successful.