About Application Chain

What is Application Chain?

Application Chain is a framework for creating sidechains in the BSC ecosystem. In other words, it's an infrastructure to help developers and node operators build and run their own blockchains as their internal value system and for a massive number of users while still maintaining a close connection with BNB Chain (BSC).

The main Application Chain task is to allow any developer to raise their blockchain in a matter of hours, with its unique specifications and validator set. Such blockchain, out-of-the-box, can be connected to the BSC infrastructure.

The validator set can run with fewer validators than BNB Chain, depending on the Application Chain deployer. The validators can be run by the application owners or any community stakeholders, bringing more flexibility and decentralization to Application Chain.

We can say this is a standard on which you can build simple but functional blockchain projects. Developers and teams can create simple blockchains with their own business rules and economies. Most importantly, they can extend the existing functionality.

What’s Next